Kashia - Manitou Springs, Colorado

A short story about how I came to know this beautiful woman.  I set out from Florida to Colorado in May of 2015.  Without a set plan, except knowing I wanted to move, I packed up my Subaru and drove across the country.  Friends and family opened up their homes to me along the way.  I'll go into more detail about that adventure another day.  When I arrived in Colorado a lovely family, strangers, opened up their home to me.  A beautiful home in Cascade, which is a few miles from Pike's Peak.  I was broke, lonely and hungry and they offered me food, shelter and a relaxing mountain retreat.  I only lived with them a few weeks, but their hospitality made this entire move and entire life change possible.

This week Kashia starts her Senior Year at Manitou Springs High School.  I was delighted to capture her senior photos in a slightly different style than most senior photos you see in the yearbook.  She is a sweet, funny and goofy (in the best of ways) girl who, as you can tell by the photos, is blossoming into a stunning young woman.  Good luck in your Senior Year Kashia girl!