red rocks colorado

Jewels & Morgan - Red Rocks, Morrison, Colorado

But when the feeling's there
It can lift you up, take you anywhere
With the gravel beneath you and the limbs above
If anybody asks you where you're coming from
Say love, say for me love
Say love, say for me love  --The Avett Brothers

Love can be a magical thing, Red Rocks can be a magical place, and Jewels and Morgan are two people in love who made this wedding and this weekend with their favorite band, The Avett Brothers, a magical time. Graced by the beautiful weather and natural setting of Red Rocks, Colorado, this couple made their wedding photos shine with personality and sincerity. 

I first met Jewels and Morgan at an Avett Brothers show a year ago; our shared love for the band gave us a common bond and gave me a sense of style for how I wanted to portray their wedding. It had to be authentic, had to capture the beauty of this couple and the Red Rocks scenery, and that sense of community and friendship and love that defines The Avett Brothers and this couple.

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