Ringing in the New Year.. literally

Well friends, it happened. The best moment of my life. 

Aaron and I took a trip to Santa Fe for the New Year holiday and to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. We enjoyed a margarita at the Secreto Lounge at the Hotel St. Francis before heading to dinner at Joseph's (order the duck and chocolate cake). After a bottle of wine we opted to hang out on the rooftop of our hotel to ring in the New Year. Aaron tried taking me to the Plaza after dinner, but it was lightly snowing and cold. About 20 minutes before midnight Aaron was being very sweet, discussing the lyrics of New Love Song by The Avett Brothers (... side note, we met because of The Avett Brothers...). He talked about how trusting someone can be "dangerous and safe" and how love is the same. A couple minutes later he went to reach for his phone in his coat pocket, but instead he pulled out a black box and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Something I anticipated, but never fully understood what it meant. What it meant to love someone and trust someone so much you're willing to give all of yourself to them. That you're willing to be vulnerable and accepting of the love they have and who they are at that very moment. Not who they might become or who they once were. It feel like an hour passed before I said yes. I actually had to ask him if I said yes because I was so emotional. I couldn't stop crying (thanks a lot wine) and hugging him. It was dark so I hadn't even seen the ring yet. I walked us over to the light to see the most unique and beautiful gray diamond ring. We were alone. From the moment he proposed to right before the stroke of midnight. No hidden photographers, no family or friends, no after party waiting to celebrate our engagement. Just me and Aaron. The moment was perfect. We spent the next day living in the moment. Living life as an engaged couple. It wasn't until the next day we told our parents, family and friends. I went a whole day without telling anyone. That's how you know you're growing patience in a relationship. Again, it was perfect. We drove up to Ski Santa Fe and hiked around. The mountains were coated in ice fog. It was magical. Now the wedding planning begins. The honeymoon planning begins (Aaron's favorite part). The start of our life together begins on a deeper and more meaningful level. I am the luckiest person in the world to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, adventure partner and life saver. I love you Aaron.

Spontaneous Camping Weekend - Salida, Colorado

Aaron thought it would be a good idea for us to escape our daily routine and try out the soft topper he bought for his truck. I'm still getting used to camping so every little noise wakes me. The soft topper was great. I felt safe from all the mice and deer (which are probably hundreds of feet away). I still think we're going to get a bear visitor, but luckily we haven. I can't wait to go camping with the soft topper in Yellowstone next month.

We were lucky to miss a storm that skirted Salida and we were even luckier with the sunset and some nice alpenglow at sunrise. We spent some time fishing the Arkansas River. He caught one, but I came up short. River fishing isn't easy so I spent most of my time soaking my feet in the refreshing 60 something degree waters leaving my camera behind. 

(If you can't tell, we love our new Patagonia hats!)