On the other side of the camera

First thing I'll say about being a photographer and being photographed by another photographer is... it's awkward. Usually. But when you're friends with a sweet and funny photographer like Ashley it's actually pretty easy. It was always a dream of mine to have my engagement photos taken by Ashley. I look up to her and admire her ability to balance her business, social life and family life. I know she'd say otherwise, but she makes it look easy. Last month Aaron and I went to Florida to celebrate with my family and friends. While in Florida I arranged to have engagement photos taken at Rock Springs. The water was chilly, but the fact that you can even get in water without getting frost bite in January is a relief. We both had so much fun with Ashley. If you're in Florida please check her out!

(Credit: Photography: Ashley McCormick Photography; Makeup: Brittany Boscana; Dress: Lulus; Ring: Lauren Wolf)