Welcome home.

For those who may not know me, my name is Angela Boggs, as if the website wasn't a dead giveaway.  I moved from Central Florida to Southeast Colorado in June 2015.  I loaded up my Subaru Forester, named Peppy, with as many essential items and a few sentimental ones and headed north.  My journey brought me to many familiar places in the southeast and midwest.  I spent 5 weeks with some great people who provided me with a bed, food, a hot shower and endless amounts of animal snuggles.  It made leaving behind my precious snuggle muffin a little easier to handle.  I also left behind my parents, family and my best friends.  It was the most difficult decision I will probably ever make, but so far it's paid off.  I am able to see my dude every day instead of every other month and I get to have a vacation home back in Florida.  This opportunity is truly a gift.  I had this vision 3 years ago after my first road trip to Colorado and then again when I spent a week in Utah 2 years ago.  I was certain that I had to move out west.  I am so grateful I made the move.  I am constantly inspired by the wildly different landscapes and the loneliness of the west.  It's a great place to get lost and find yourself.  I haven't been here very long, but I've already drawn a ton of inspiration from the prairie, which is where I call home, and the mountains which is my weekend playground.  I am truly lucky to call this place home.