"Live, travel, adventure, bless and don't be sorry"

Let's play 3 truths and a lie:  I have hiked a 14er. When I was eight I wanted to be a Killer Whale Trainer. I once flew 20,000 miles in less than a year. Despite living in Florida for 31 years I have never been to Disney World.  (Hint: it's the Disney one...)

Things I'm really into: my pup Oscar, my husband, hiking, music, traveling and food. All the food.

Things I'm not really into: negativity, spiders, avocados, coffee, uncles who are "retired" photographers at your wedding, black and white photos with splashes of color. 

I am based in Colorado and enjoy exploring this beautiful state as well as traveling. My husband and I often hike in the summer and are pretty knowledgeable in the some of the most beautiful places for portraits.

My gear: Canon 5D Mark III with Canon Lenses

If you are interested in booking a wedding, elopement or portraits please email me: AngelaArmstrongPhoto@gmail.com

Special thanks to Justin Lauer for designing my brand. Check him out at longliveapparel.com